Submitted by AppCreator on Sun, 08/07/2005 - 00:00

Looks like the guy that repackaged my script with a php-shell script has come to his senses and taken it down. The web is an amazing place to gather information about someone. I managed to find out his name, age, address, phone number and even his mothers name. Since he is only 14, and has taken the script off his site I have decided not to follow it up with a call to his mum.

The embassy of his country, had even promised to pass on a letter to the appropriate authorities. Thanks very much but that no longer seems necessary, although I will continue to monitor the situation. Let's hope he wakes up to himself before causing any more trouble. His domain is no longer resolving, so he may be hostless for a little while, which should give him some time to think.

On a different topic I have updated the CSS Layout Generator which now generates a much simpler layout.

Form spam was once again starting to become annoying for the Resource Page. You would think that they would work out the links need approval before they are displayed. Most of the spam was for mortgage sites which have nothing to do with web development and no place on this site. Luckily it is fairly easy to stop specific form spam from getting through with PHP.